Soup GFX

Welcome to my gallery. I’ll post redskin Sigs, Walls, Avatars, and other redskin stuff.

Scroll over image for a brief description and click to enlarge image

Come back, I will update with new work frequently

Contact Me at Twitter: @Soupgfx

Iphone Wall Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor the U sig Redskins

Landry Redskins Madden Cover Dirty 30 





  1. Hello, we are Grateful Dead fans who love the Redskins. We have been trying to find a cool steelie logo to use as wallpaper. Do you have any suggestions where we might find one? Thank you for your time 🙂
    Heather Schneider Mott

  2. Great graphics! Keep up the great work!

  3. Really love your wallpapers and come back frequently to see what you have posted up, but could I make a little suggestion. Ya’ll gotta make a KERRAPO wallpaper!!! Give our outside linebackers some love

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