Did the Redskins Give up too Much for RGIII?

The Washington Redskins made it clear who they wanted in the 2012 NFL Draft, Baylor’s Heisman winning quarterback, Robert Griffin III. Washington traded their 2012, 2013 and 2014 first-round draft picks, as well as their 2012 second round pick to St. Louis in order to land the quarterback — but did they give up too much?

Without a blink of an eye, one would think the answer is yes. The Redskins without a doubt gave up too much for a player who may be a bust, but it was risk they had to take. Not to mention the pressure from Redskins fans and government officials.

Washington hasn’t had a franchise quarterback since Sammy Baugh, whom the franchise drafted in 1937. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen clearly knew this – and decided they had to risk the picks.

Unfortunately for Mike, if he played his cards wrong, he will more than likely be canned by Snyder – who for once would have the right to fire a coach so soon. Trading three first-rounders and an early second would not only set the team back, but it would crumble them for years. Something not even a new coach would be able to fix.

Had the Redskins kept those two first rounders and early second, they could have drafted multiple could-be play makers, without the risk of losing anything on them had they be bust. On the other hand, they wouldn’t have landed themselves the franchise QB they’ve been missing for so long.

If Robert Griffin III becomes that franchise QB for the Washington Redskins, there will be instant results, not only on the field, but off it. Washington will become the city we once knew in the 1980’s, a city that backed the team and went wild. FedExField would turn into a stadium fans appreciated, it would gain the face it’s been missing for so long, but more importantly, the seats would be filled with Redskins fans.

Take a look around, listen to opposing NFC East fans, they are by no means happy that the Redskins will be taking RGIII. A team that has gone 4-8 over the last two seasons in the division, has a young, talented quarterback, who not only can air it out, but fly by you.

Too much? Too little? That is one thing we will have to wait on. Naturally if RGIII pans out, the Redskins will look like geniuses with the trade. If he fails, the Browns and Rams look like geniuses — while the Redskins add to the mockery they have been known for.

One thing that’s certain, the Redskins need to find him targets to throw too.


About Kiel Maddox

Kiel is a native Washingtonian who currently resides in Northern Virginia. He has been blogging about the Washington Redskins since 2009 and started Arena Drive Times in October of 2012. Kiel creates informative and unique articles about the football team, as well as shoots photography for the website.

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  1. In today’s NFL you have to have a franchise QB or you are just an also-ran. Now Skins can be aggressive in FA. In three years when RGIII is in full-stride they start getting #1 picks again + I trust Shanny to add great talent w the picks he has left. Great move. Had to do it.

  2. I hate when people say would you trade orakpo, williams and kerrigan for RG3…It would not be those 3, as we are swapping this years pick with the Rams. So it would be only two. Here is the question you should ask. Would you swap Jason Campbell, Carlos Rogers and either Malcom Kelly/Devin Thomas for RG3. The answer….. OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

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