Redskins Fans Already Getting RG3 Jerseys


Well I’m glad to see Redskins Nation isn’t counting their chickens before they hatched.

This pic come from Redskins Fan Bob Hopkins or on twitter @44HOF who if he is correct can probably say he had the first Redskins RG3 jersey.


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  1. That joint tight, I’m gettin the white joint tho.

  2. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney gives up his number

  3. shouldn’t that have III on it??

  4. And I don’t think gaffney is going to give up # 10 so…..

  5. Hey Redskinrey,

    that pic looks awesome. i think he will pick either of the numbers 1 or 3 for his jersey. 3 because of RG3 or 1 because its the first number in the 10 he wears now. what do you think?

    • i never really thought of it. As of right now Crompton has #3 but it wont be a problem getting a practice squad player to change a number. Honestly i think Gaffney would not mind selling his #. But it would be cool if it said Griffin III and he had #3 or if it said R. Griffin with the #3

  6. Redskinrey,

    I actually had already saved that image…lol. i was hoping you would do a rendering with the number 3 or 1.

    • i wish i could but i dont know how i only make videos every once in a wile, Washington dont really give me any reason to make one

  7. RG3 should not go to the redskins, the organization is to unstable, don’t trust the coaching staff, mike will never build around him, which means a short career for RG3.

  8. Dontell Morgan

    How can I get a RG3 jersey?

  9. RedskinsGunnaBe SickNextYear

    this person clearly just chose the customize your own Jersey option, and tossed Griffin on the back (for III) how do we even know what number he is going to be?!

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