Rant Has SOW on Redskins Off-Season Round Table Discussion

Our good friend Emmanual Benton over at invited SOW to be a part of their Redskins off-season round table discussion, hitting on three key questions concerning the team this off-season. You can check out the full article below but make sure you check out Manny’s work over at Rant Sports.

March 13th, 4pm ET, a new league year begins. Teams are gearing up for the frenzy we call Free Agency, with the hope of improving their rosters. For the Washington Redskins, offense will be the priority, and it starts with the Quarterback position. Washington must address the Quarterback position and surround the player with more talent. Fortunately, the Redskins have options, but it’s important they make the right decisions.

With free agency quickly approaching and the 2012 NFL Draft right around the corner, I reached out to 5 fellow Redskins bloggers/experts for a round-table chat:

R.D Smith,
Mark Solway,
Kevin Edwolt,
Ricky Allen,
Rich Tandler, and

So, with help from my fellow RantSports Redskins blogger, Ricky Allen, I came up with 3 questions to give an outlook on the offseason.

Gentlemen, rev-up your engines, and lets Rant!

     1. Mike Shanahan believes the Washington Redskins had a playoff caliber offense in 2011. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Emmanuel Benton: I believe offenses are only as good as their Quarterback play, and the Redskins production at QB was sporadic. With better play from the QB position, Washington’s offense can be highly functional. Unfortunately, depth is a major issue, and if you plan on making a run for the playoffs… you need depth.

R.D Smith: Perhaps Mike got confused and meant to say Defense? It’s painfully obvious that the Redskins Defense is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the offense. The only unit(s) on offense that seem to be set are running back and TE. When looking at every other unit, they’re nightmares. The Oline lacks depth,especially at tackle, and the Wide Receivers still do not possess a true playmaking threat. Playoff caliber offenses have some sort of depth at every unit (see the 2010 Green Bay Packers who had more injuries than the 2011 Redskins), not to mention one or two players at skill positions that strike fear into defenses. This team did not have either last year and it showed.

Mark Solway: To say the Redskins had a playoff calibre offense is ridiculous. I don’t know of any playoff teams that struggled to score points like the Redskins did, and stats would bear that out. The Redskins were 26th overall in offensive points scored – only Tampa Bay, Indy, K.C., Jacksonville, Cleveland and St. Louis scored fewer – none of them made the playoffs either. When you additionally consider that the Redskins defense was above middle of the pack for points allowed (12th), it’s hard to see the reason for not making the playoffs as being anything but poor offensive production. If the Redskins had a playoff calibre offense in 2011, they would have made the playoffs.

Kevin Edwolt: I disagree, although I see where’s he coming from. I don’t understand how an offense with no WR threats or consistency can be playoff caliber. If I asked Shanahan to elaborate, he’d likely say “Well, we beat the Giants twice, almost beat the Patriots, blah blah.” The point is, Mike Shanahan, like all coaches, have a responsibility to keep fans believing their team has a shot to make it. There are tickets to be sold. The Redskins offense, when clicking, looked like a playoff caliber team, but I don’t understand how you have a team that turns the ball over as much as the Redskins did and say they’re playoff caliber.

Ricky Allen: Mike Shanahan’s Offense was not a playoff caliber offense in 2011. Their failures at the quarterback spot kept the offense in a series of changes that clearly reflects in their 5-11 season. There’s no way you’re going to ask an offense that’s already numb to quarterback/coach drama to make it to the playoffs with Rex Grossman, who is almost expected to mess up in the last two minutes of any game, and John Beck, a man who barely gets snaps. Then there’s the lack of effort to truly get Evan Royster and Roy Helu in the major scheme of things, which angered me on several occasions. Helu and Royster showed us they can do more when given the chance. Forget that they’re rookies for a minute and think about the last game. They were beasts. I forcast they will, if given the chance, easily break the 1,000 -yard mark in the next two seasons.

Rich Tandler: I understand what Shanahan was trying to do in putting a good spin on the offense. But even when everyone was healthy they just didn’t score many points and that is how you judge the caliber of an offense. The good news is that I don’t think that Shanahan is delusional. The bad news is that the offense needs a lot of works.

2. In your opinion, who should the Washington Redskins select with their 1st round draft pick?

Emmanuel Benton: Robert Griffin III over anything. The Redskins must address the Quarterback position, and RG3 is the best of many options for this team.

R.D Smith: No secret here, the Redskins have no choice, but to find a way to address the biggest deficiency they have had since the 80′s. The NFL is a passing league now – and this team needs a franchise QB. It will cost a lot for the Redskins to trade up to take St. Louis’s 2nd overall pick, but Mike Shanahan has no other choice. RG3 would be an amazing fit for the Shanahan offense; he has all the tools including the speed to run the QB boots that make this offense so dangerous.

Mark Solway: Robert Griffin III – The Redskins have to be willing to pay a lot, just not something insane. If the deal is anything similar to what the Giants paid to move up and get Eli Manning, as it should be, then I make that trade with the Rams as soon as I can. It can change the face of free agency for Washington.

Kevin Edwolt: The Redskins have to get a QB. I’m all up for trading up, but the Redskins MUST find a way to get this deal done without mortgaging the future. Including a player or switching picks in future drafts/rounds mitigates that. I’d be shocked if Redskins trade up and give away their top two picks this year and next year. For continued success, a team needs high picks year in and year out. If STL refuses to budge on wanting 4-5 picks, for example, then I absolutely would be trying to bring in Manning, let him run his offense, and trade down in the draft to acquire more picks affording us the luxury to bring in more young OL/CB/WR talent.

Ricky Allen: Hate to sound like the rest, but my first pick is RG3, with Kirk Cousins (Yes I’m still on that wagon) as an alternate. Both men are at the top of their game and could do wonders in a Redskins uniform.

Rich Tandler: Not much explanation needed here: Robert Griffin III.

      3. Slot 1 new starter on offense and defense via free agency, draft, trade, or current roster:

Emmanuel Benton:

(Offense) Outside of RG3, I believe the Redskins will successfully add Vincent Jackson. I’m a bit wary of possibly making this acquisition, however, Shanahan loves VJax and wants to add a legit #1 WR to this offense.

(Defense) Jarvis Jenkins will likely be that guy. The coaches love everything about him. I had an opportunity to talk with Jim Hasslet about Jarvis back in January, and his face literally lit up. Hass said, “He may be our best defensive lineman.”

R.D Smith:

(Offense) I think the Redskins have to do whatever it takes to get Free Agent WR, Vincent Jackson. Jackson possesses the size, strength, and speed that makes him the play-maker they covet. Even though there are some concerns regarding Jackson’s DUI history, I have to believe that at 29 years old he has outgrown some of that.

(Defense) On defense I have to believe that the next new starter is already on the team. Prior to blowing his knee out against Baltimore last preseason, 2011 2nd round pick Jarvis Jenkins looked primed to set this defensive line on fire. All throughout camp the word from Ashburn was that the kid was the best player on the field, period. Some guys just naturally get it – and Jarvis fits that mold perfectly. Assuming the good reports of his rehab hold up, this is a kid that could not only be a starter, but also a force. Luckily his injury was early enough last year that he should be ready to go for camp. Watch out for Jenkins, he could make our already very good front seven an absolute nightmare for offenses.

Mark Solway:

(Offense) Assuming that it’s beyond Robert Griffin III being the starting quarterback, I’d like to see Ben Grubbs added at guard. There aren’t a lot of tackles in the free agent pool to fix the Redskins’ right side, and they aren’t likely to have a draft pick high enough to draft a guaranteed replacement (if they make the RGIII deal), so I would upgrade the interior. I would still bring Kory Lichtensteiger back to compete with Chris Chester at the other guard spot, and having the three of them along with Will Montgomery, drastically improves the entire depth chart of the offensive line.

(Defense) On defense, my new starter comes from the existing roster in defensive end, Jarvis Jenkins. Every rehab report has been glowing, and he was lighting it up last year before getting hurt. So I expect big things out of the youngster from Clemson in his second season.

Kevin Edwolt:

(Offense) I think the Redskins land Vincent Jackson.

(Defense) Redskins definitely need to bring in another CB and ILB. Wild guess, Chase Blackburn from the Giants to backup Fletcher and Riley.

Ricky Allen:

(Offense) Randy Moss on a shoestring deal (Yes I said it, come and get me America)

(Defense) Linebacker, Takeo Spikes from SD. He had over 100 tackles and would be a great addition coming in at 6’2”.

Rich Tandler:

(Offense) Besides RG3, I think they will be able to get Vincent Jackson on board (if they have the rights to RG3 in hand by the time free agency starts).

(Defense) I’ll go with free agent safety Dwight Lowery of Jaguars, signed to take LaRon Landry’s spot.

Make sure you give a follow to all the contributors on the round table over on twitter and let them know what you think.

R.D: @SonofWashington
Kevin: @HogsHaven
Mark: @TheHogsdotNet
Ricky: @UltimateRedskin
Rich: @Rich_Tandler
Emmanuel Benton: @Roccoskins


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