SOW Takes a Look at Brock Osweiler

At Arizona State, Brock Osweiler was seen as a very athletic QB, who despite his size had a chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. While that thought still remains, there are concerns now with him leaving a year early for the Draft. What Osweiler possesses is a strong arm, athletic ability and fiery leadership.

With seasoning and grooming, Osweiler can become a starting QB in the NFL, but at the same time he will need a good bit of time before he’s ready.

Lets get to the details and film on him.

Strengths: What I really like about Osweiler’s game from the two game cut ups I’ve seen is his ability to play within the scheme. I always have felt bad for Osweiler playing at ASU, because he was forced to not really show off his arm strength. The ASU O seemed to predicated on swing passes and short passing to attack defenses.

The times Osweiler was allowed to take shots down deep, you can definitely see his arm strength and ability to make the big play.

Also something I really liked to
watch from Osweiler was his athletic ability even at 6’8. Watching the cut ups you can tell he does have that basketball background and has athletic ability that’s pretty impressive for a guy that’s as tall as he is.

Weaknesses: Now with the weaknesses its pretty simple but lengthy to get into.
First off I really think Osweiler can be a starting QB and I’d put a late 1st to mid 2nd round grade on him, but a lot like Ryan Tannehill he’s a guy you are going to need to develop and let mature. When watching the tape two things really stick out.

One of them is the footwork that Osweiler has right now. Sometimes it looks good then other times it looks like he’s never really had any real coaching. Watching cut ups of the USC game I just was sitting there shaking my head on a lot of his drop backs at the sloppiness of his footwork.

It’s not a slight against Osweiler as a person because a lot of young QB’s don’t have the coaching to help them for the next level.

He will need work though, and with his work ethic I have no doubts he can improve on it and become better.

Another thing I noticed that caused a bit of concern was the throwing motion. It almost seemed like he was shot putting the football to his receivers.

While every QB has different throwing motions, I really haven’t seen one
as unorthodox as this with maybe the closest as Vince Young. It’s something I haveconcern about because while he’s a tall guy, he’s also bringing the ball down instead of releasing it at its highest point and that can lead to batted passes. Something he’ll
need to improve, but if I were a QB coach working with him, I wouldn’t try to change everything about his throwing motion, but I would try to get him to work on throwing it at its highest point.

The last weakness I noticed was his accuracy. Now let me explain what I really mean by that. He’s accurate in the sense he can get his passes off and to the receivers, but he’s inaccurate in how its placed to the receivers.

Usually you want to put the passes in the receiver’s chest, but when watching film I saw numerous times where the passes that were pretty basic, they were off the typical target you want to see.

It’s not like it is the end of the world with him, but as a WR you want to have that pass in your chest so you can get the pass and try to make a move up the field.

By him throwing off that target he’s leaving his receivers
vulnerable to hits since they have to adjust to make the catch and aren’t able to sometimes see the defender coming for them.

Overall Osweiler really does show
that he’s raw as a QB and will need work, but there are tools that show he can be a starting QB and one you can win with.

Where does he fit? Well I like Osweiler as a guy you can sit and develop, but I
really don’t see him as a fit here in Washington.

While he does seem to have the arm strength we want in a QB, he’s also not extremely accurate with his passes as
I documented above.

He has a ton of talent, but Washington needs someone who can play now or within the rookie year and right now I don’t see Osweiler being ready until at least half way through year two to almost year 3 because of how raw
he is as a QB.

While he was probably better served staying in college another year, I
understand why he came out considering his HC was fired and that offense was going to change a lot under Todd Graham and staff. Osweiler while a talented individual, isn’t
a great fit in Washington

Justin Partlow

Justin is the Son of Washington resident draft Guru. You can follow him on twitter @JTPartlow21. Let him know what you think of his work.


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