Finally a Redskins Draft Day Hat I Would Wear


I have to admit I was pretty excited when I received a text message from Kiel today showing me the 2012 Redskins Draft hat.

At first glance I was impressed considering I typically hate the draft hats.

Then I noticed that this is actually made by New Era (the official hat of Major League Baseball).

Back when Reebok’s exclusive deal with the NFL was coming to a close, New Era swept in looking for a way to supply the official lids of the NFL.

Apparently Jerry Jones got them in. For some reason that I don’t care enough about to actually research, the Cowboys have the right to sell whatever brand hats they want instead of sticking to the uniform hats like the rest of the league.

When Jerruh went to the league for approval on a new hat design by New Era the league liked what they saw enough to have New Era submit a proposal to become the NFL’s official hat.

Flash forward a year Nike now holds the rights to jerseys and the hats are New Era.

I’m just pumped that I don’t have to see the crappy headwear that Reebok had on the sidelines anymore.

Plus a big shout out to TK from for hooking us up with the pic of the new gear. You guys can follow TK on twitter @TKextremeskins for awesome Redskins Tweets.


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  1. Reblogged this on But at the end of the day… and commented:
    If this is what the Redskins draft day cap looks like, I can use my imagination to come up with what the 49ers one looks like.

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