Redskins Advertising Alluding to #RG3inDC?


The above picture is from a Washington Redskins advertisement selling dream seats. You know the people who brought us the R U In campaign videos that claimed “the franchise QB is in place.”

If there is one thing that the Dan Snyder owned Redskins do well it’s market themselves. Even though that whole McNabb thing was a total flop I bought into that ad hook line and sinker.

They know how to push the right buttons and get fans excited and I have to wonder if they are up to it again with this one.

You may remember this image of Jabar Gaffney jumping into the stands versus the Patriots a few short months ago.

But in the current state of RG3inDC hysteria. . . it is pretty easy to mistake this as RG3 himself jumping in the crowd.

Make no mistake the marketing team in Ashburn rarely do anything by accident.

So you have to wonder if they are already sending subliminal messages to sell their product based on a player that won’t be drafted to any team for another two months.

Well played Danny. . . Well played indeed.


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