Moving Back to D.C – Smart or Bad Idea for Redskins?

One question that comes up each season from Redskins fans is when will the team move back to Washington D.C? Due to recent rumors of the city trying to “lure” the team back to the Nations Capital with a new practice facility, the conversation has sparked up even more.

The team played in the District every year from 1937-1997 (when they moved from Boston to D.C). That changed when Jack Kent Cooke, then owner of the Redskins decided to have a new stadium built in Landover, Maryland.

While fans dislike many things about FedExField, such as the “prison look” due to all the white concrete, the horrendous traffic jams, ticket / concession stand prices, and the belief that moving to Maryland jinxed the team’s success — there is one nice thing about FedExField – not having to pay for PSL’s (personal seat licenses).

Fans fail to realize if the Redskins move back to Washington D.C, they will more than likely have to pay the price of PSL’s (at least season ticket holders). Just about all current stadiums built during or after 1996 require a PSL (Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, St. Louis and Tennessee).

Though PSL’s have their advantages, such as you owning the seats, meaning you can sell your tickets to whoever you’d like without going through the team – the downside is the outrageous prices they cost. For instance the Dallas Cowboys PSL’s range from $16,000.00-$50,000.00 depending on where your seats are located. That’s without the cost of season tickets added in.

Much like anything that expensive, you have the option of finance plans, however you still must place a down payment. How much did this come out for the Cowboys? About $13,960.00, then $3,490.00 a year for the next 30 years (this was for the $50,000.00 PSL). Remember, that’s just the PSL, you still have to include your season tickets, which are only a set price for five years (for the Cowboys), after that they can raise the prices of them (tickets).

Certainly each PSL will not cost $50,000.00, but most lower level and club level seats run close to that price range. While upper level PSL’s run from $5,000.00 to $16,000.00. On a side note, due to the financing plans you end up paying around four times the original price.. For example the $50,000.00 PSL will run you $207,000.00 in the end.

So is it really worth moving back to Washington D.C to pay prices along that line? Granted, if you don’t own season tickets you have nothing to worry about, except for the fact that if fans who own season tickets give them up or cannot afford them anymore, the stadium will not be sold out, resulting in blackouts

Feel like driving 75 miles (depending on where you are located) to watch a Redskins game?


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