Redskins Willing to Give up too Much for RGIII?

The Washington Redskins are in a rebuild, whether they find their franchise quarterback this year or not. So when rumors afloat about them willing to give up their first, second and third this year, as well as an additional first next year, I wonder, what exactly are they thinking?

Robert Griffin III is without a doubt an exceptional talent, but does that mean you add-on another year or two of rebuilding, risk the future of the franchise and your job, all for one player? A player who has already suffered a partial tear to his ACL? A player who shined one season in a simplified offense?

I cannot stress how important it is that the Redskins think wisely as to what they want, as well as how much they are willing to give up. At this moment, if Robert Griffin III fails, which he very well could, the Redskins are going to be right back in the hole they started to dig themselves out of. On the other hand, if he pans out, the Redskins will finally have their franchise QB, a very dangerous one at that.

I’m not saying RGIII isn’t worth trading up for, he is, but I believe the asking price, at least right now, is way too high.

At this point, the Redskins would be safer taking Morris Claiborne in the first-round, a CB which could start day one, allowing our secondary to be near-complete. Then in the second take a QB such as Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden or Chandler Harnish.

One way or another, the Redskins are going to end up with a quarterback in the draft, but Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen need to be smart with how much they give up. If what Shannon Sharpe says is true, that the Redskins are willing to “move heaven and earth” to get RGIII, we might as well bring back Vinny Cerrato.

After all, isn’t that what we used to do? Toss draft picks away like candy on Halloween?


About Kiel Maddox

Kiel is a native Washingtonian who currently resides in Northern Virginia. He has been blogging about the Washington Redskins since 2009 and started Arena Drive Times in October of 2012. Kiel creates informative and unique articles about the football team, as well as shoots photography for the website.

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  1. If Bruce and Mike are not spending a lot of money on players I don’t think they are giving away a lot of picks on them either

  2. With 2 #1’s and a 2 and a 3, literally they are talking about giving up 3 starters for 1 player. I think that’s too much to give up to move up 4 spots. Not for someone who say has the 20th pick or worse. We need players, I think you make a reasonable offer, if they take it fine, if not, move on. at #6 they will still get stud the can step right in and make an impact. I just think the time for overplaying for 1 player has come and gone for this franchise, that is what put us in the hole we are in now. Actually, another way to go is if Peyton Manning is healthy, get him in free agency (I know there had been a lot of talk about this). The key here though is to not overpay for his services. There still is risk involved with him. But if they could get him at a reasonable price (which they would have to in order to add some pieces around him) and if he could stay healthy, then our QB issues would be resolved for the next 3-4 years, allowing us to build up our franchise through the draft. I know that’s a couple of if’s, but to me it’s a safer play. With RGIII, you can point out Manning, Brady, Vick, Brees and other franchise QB’s and what they’ve done for their teams. But you can also point out Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell and many many more QB’s that have gone in the other direction. I don’t care how well he did at the combine, That doesn’t translate into NFL success, especially at the QB position. maybe at RB or WR you can rely on the combine results a little more, but for QB, it’s just different. which is why they are paid so much. I am not so sure that Brady or Manning lit it up at the combine. Hated to ramble here, but bottom line, too much risk to give up that much, especially to a team that is not going to draft him regardless. Let St. Louis keep playing poker. They have Bradford, they aren’t going to draft RGIII. So if they keep it up someone may just call their bluff.

  3. I am and have been a Skins fan for as long as I can remember. I have seen this franchise go through the Heath Shuler debacle and all the others. I am a big fan of Manning but not as a Redskin. If we were talking 4-5 years ago Hellyeah, he needed to be here. He is one hit away from being hurt for good, and I really don’t think I want to say that he was hurt here. Yes, we have a lot of holes. However, for the first time we can say we have A LOT of Cap room. I think if we do move up to get RGIII, then we have to fill our holes in free agency. I also think that if the Browns get Flynn, then we won’t have to give up as much. Finally, we need a Qb that can move, and he fits that mold. He would be able to give the guys a little more time to get open because of the threat of his legs and his ability to keep the play going. The FA WR that we get will help us also. As long as we are loosing with a rookie QB (at least for me) i would be a lot happier. Going to get a stop gap for a few years is not rebuilding it is Cerato all over again. One last thing NO to Flynn, that situation reminds me to much of the Eagles and Kolb last yr. Look at what the Cardinals have. Nothing.

  4. I think the skins will be able to trade up the four spots to number two overall with a reasonable trade package. the giants moved from pick 4 to pick 1 with two first rounds, a third round and fifth round. the skins will be able to make a similar package, i believe they might be able to get the same one (two firsts, a third and fifth) due to the fact that RGIII isnt even the first pick in the draft and shanny and fischer are friends. if that is the case, i see the skins moving down in the second to pick up a third, and moving down one of the fourths to grab another 5th. that means this draft would include picks: round 1 2nd overall (RGIII), round 2 (moved back), round 3 (from trade back), round 4, round 4(moved back), round 5 (from trade back), round 6 and round 7. that means we still leave the draft with 8 draft picks in 2012, RGIII (our franchise qb for a decade or more) and we really only have given up a 1st round in 2013 – which might not be worth as much if we go say 8-8 the 2012 season.

  5. If I hear give up to much or draft away picks that will put your team back in the stone ages once more again, I swear I will take the next flight to mars lol. But really folks we are talking about the quarterback position here. If there is a absolute need of a franchise quarterback (Redskins) then without a doubt you do what it takes to bring that player (rg3) to your team. Any other position will not even get the thought of putting all your chips in. Absolutely not. Quarterback is the most crucial position on the field period. Yeah defence wins championships blahzay blah..yeah try telling the dynasties that nonsense. Build around your QB. The Redskins have the opportunity to become the force they were for a long time. Drafting rg3 will increase the Redskins in every aspect of the entire organization from wins to revenue, sad faces to happy faces, non contenders to a force to be rekond with superbowl after superbowl. I have faith in coach Shanahan to make the move on rg3.. besides what is there to loose, I think we already know what that (loose) feels like. HTTR..get rg3.

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