Shannon Sharpe: Redskins “Will Move Heaven and Earth” for RG3


Twitter is awesome. I mean that, it really is.

Last week we posted some Shannon Sharpe tweets regarding the Redskins trying to trade up with the Rams for the rights to draft Heismann Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

This week, we chatted with him a little on twitter and one tweet really got our attention.




Typically when a talking head says a team will “move heaven and earth” to get a player I blow it off, but Sharpe has a closer relationship to most talking heads.

I would venture to guess ( especially after Sharpe pointed it out) that Shannon and Mike are still close. Sharpe did carve out most of his Hall of Fame career under Shanahan in Denver while winning two Super Bowls.

Clearly it’s still early but in my experience when there is smoke there is fire. . . especially when that smoke comes from a guy with a real connection this front office.


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