Silence Should Be Golden for Redskins During 2012 NFL Scouting Combine

Mike Shanahan is a man of few words. This week, at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine, he should be a man of even fewer.

Since his arrival in January 2010, Shanahan has been notorious for doing little to show his hand when it comes to personnel decisions.

After what seemed like an eternity of Vinny Cerrato spelling out everything the Redskins were going to do, Shanahan’s silence is a welcome change for some, but completely boring for others.

Off-season’s in D.C. have been pretty boring since Shanahan and Allen got here. The days of knowing every big name free-agent would sign with the Redskins, for some outrageous amount, are over. Welcome to thinking they are going to sign Cullen Jenkins within minutes of free agency, only to see them sign a relatively unknown guy like Stephen Bowen.

The difference in the past and present has been well documented. Which is why it has been hard for me to believe all these “leaks” coming from Redskins Park.

Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of people we talk to regarding the team that are in the know, and we trust those guys; but when I turn on ESPN to see reports of the Redskins “revealing QB plans”, I just can’t buy it.

I know local and national media have picked up on the Jim Hazlett Volleyball Gate that started with a fan post on the message board at

Perhaps the team is taking a new approach. Not to let everyone know what they are going to do, but to ensure that just when we think we know what is happening. . . we have no idea.

Combine week is typically the official start to the NFL Offseason. It’s the first real opportunity for media to get “face time” with team officials – since the season ending press conferences. Typically you can start to formulate what you believe teams are going to do heading into the draft and free agency, based on what they say to media at the combine.

With a lot of “news” leaking from Redskins Park the last few weeks, the Redskins are in prime position to say absolutely nothing at the combine and keep everyone guessing.

If Mike Shanahan or Bruce Allen decides to address the media, I expect it to be about as interesting as a three-hour reading of Websters Dictionary.

I am sure Mike and Bruce are going to be inundated with media members begging to know if they really are bringing in Peyton Manning, or if they have a deal in place with ST. Louis to move up to the second spot in the draft to take Robert Griffin III.

Just as the media is sure to ask those questions, the Redskins brain trust will not say more than “no comment”.

Even though the Shanahan Silence makes it a TON harder on guys like me to bring interesting content, the truth is this is exactly what the Redskins need.

The NFL off-season is like a high stakes game of poker, for once it is nice to have a front office that is able to not show their hand.


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