Announcing SOWTV

We are excited to announce the next generation of SonOfWashington. When we launched in August, we promised that we were going to do everything in our power to bring Redskins Nation the very best, complete, and original Washington Redskins content. . . and we are.

Whether it be the absolute best Washington Redskins graphics, diverse and objective articles, exclusive player interviews, or our weekly (during the season) radio podcast; we are doing everything we can to make sure SonOfWashington is worth your while.

Today we introduce the “next generation” as, SonOfWashingtonTV.

SonOfWashingtonTV is going to be everything you love about SOW in video form. Video blogs, video highlights, player interviews and exclusive footage that you can not get anywhere else on the web. You will be able to access these on your PC, smartphone –  and even your Xbox 360 and PS3  gaming consoles (though YouTube).

In the next few days you will have full access to SOWTV, right here at

We are already gearing up for the 2012 season and hope you are as excited as we are.



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