Kyle Orton and the Washington Redskins

After the recent reports of Peyton Manning’s fourth operation, the free-agent quarterback talk has shifted a new direction – Kyle Orton. Should the Redskins pursue Orton? Or should they stick with Rex Grossman?

Whether the Redskins draft Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill or another rookie quarterback, besides Andrew Luck, they will not start week one of the 2012 NFL season. Meaning the Redskins must find not only a QB to start for the period of time the rookie develops, but to also help groom them.

With a limited free-agent QB market (after Brees and Flynn), Kyle Orton is possibly the next best option for any team. Though he might have lost his job to Tim Tebow (lets face it, he’s a HB, not a QB), that doesn’t mean he’s “done” or “can’t help.” Anything is better than Rex Grossman and John Beck, right? Well Kyle Orton is “anything.”

This doesn’t mean that Orton is going to be the long-term solution, nor does it mean he will be the starter for the entire 2012 season. All it means is, the Redskins have a better QB situation than they had last year with Rex Grossman and John Beck (maybe not light years better, but still better).

Think about it? Kyle Orton, rookie QB and John Beck (he’s still under contract with the Redskins). Much better than last year. Plus, by the end of the season, the rookie QB should have developed enough to become the starter (I would expect it to happen before the mid-way point).

Rex Grossman (2011) and Kyle Orton (2010) both started 13 games, here’s their stats:

Grossman: 3,151 yards, 16 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, 57.9 completion rate, 72.4 QB rating.         Orton: 3,653 yards, 20 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 58.8 completion rate, 87.5 QB rating.

When looking at the stats, one thing should immediately jump out, interceptions. Rex Grossman has over twice as many turnovers as Orton – and that’s without fumbles. Not to mention the smarter decisions on when to throw the deep ball, verses dumping the ball off.

Yes, Orton lost his job to Tim Tebow, but that doesn’t mean much, when Tebow managed to throw for 1,729 yards the entire season (11 starts). Does that really lead one to believe Tebow is the future (or will take the Broncos far)? Sure, he made the team believe, but if it weren’t for the defense towards the end of the season, would they have made the playoffs? A HB isn’t a QB – and the Broncos will find that out real soon.

Orton isn’t going to be the savior, nor will he ever be, but heading into the 2012 season with an undeveloped rookie quarterback, Kyle Orton behind center sounds and looks much better than Rex Grossman, John Beck or an unhealthy Peyton Manning.


About Kiel Maddox

Kiel is a native Washingtonian who currently resides in Northern Virginia. He has been blogging about the Washington Redskins since 2009 and started Arena Drive Times in October of 2012. Kiel creates informative and unique articles about the football team, as well as shoots photography for the website.

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  1. No. No. No. No! He’s not better than Rex & Beck… he’s between Rex and Beck. He’s safer than Rex but he’s not willing to take ANY risks at all… he won’t air it out at all…

    • In 2010 (the season which I used), he threw the ball 20+ yards, 52 times, and 40+ yards, 11 times. I would have to say he can throw the ball. We’re also talking about the guy who turned Brandon Lloyd into the league leading receiver that year.

      Take Aaron Rodgers for example (I’m not saying Orton is anything close to Rodgers), last year he threw 20+ yards, 54 times, and 40+ yards, 13 times.

      Not to mention, Shanahan’s offense isn’t built off the deep ball.

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