Does Kyle Orton Make The Most Sense For The Redskins In Free Agency

What a week of slow Redskins news. Everywhere you look it’s Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III conversations. Twitter is full of magnificent tweets about whether the Redskins or the Browns are going to make the move to trade up for RG3.

Then came yesterday’s NFL Draft conference calls.

The internet became full of new topics like who would be the Redskins starting QB on week one (shocker right?)

Then guys like Rich Tandler (who I have a HUGE respect for), speculating about the possibility of Kyle Orton being the day one starter in 2012.

Back in November, when Kyle Orton got released by the Broncos, I said the Redskins should take a waiver claim to see what Ole Neck Beard had to offer. I was immediately shot down with all the, “but he’s not any good” and “he lost his job to Tebow” talk.

Don’t get me wrong, the point was not that Orton was the second coming of Theismann. The harsh reality is that he is an upgrade to what we have at the QB position right now.

Considering John Beck is the only QB under contract this off-season, Orton would be the best QB on the roster.

I have to admit, shifting my thoughts from Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III under center to Kyle Orton is pretty sobering.

Could it be that in one-year, fans across Redskins Nation who believed the team might finally have a legitimate QB option like Peyton, they are going to get stuck with Captain Neckbeard?

Fact is, the more I think about Orton to D.C, the more I like the idea.

Now before you go jumping off about how crazy I am calm down, and step away from the ledge.

I firmly believe this team needs a LONG TERM franchise QB solution. The time for signing a stopgap guy like Peyton has come and gone(see McNabb, Donnovan in the Redskins Archives). With guys like Andrew Luck, RG3 and even Matt Flynn available, the time to get our QB of the future is now.

Bringing on a veteran QB like Orton leads me to believe that that is exactly what Mike and Bruce are doing. Not to mention it most likely means the end of the Rex Grossman Era in D.C (and the Nation rejoices).

It’s no big secret that the last time Rex and Orton were teammates things didn’t go swimmingly. That being the case, I find it highly doubtful signing Orton and Rex is any type of possibility. Many argue that they are the same QB, but the truth is Kyle won’t turn the ball over 30+ times. Shanahan demands ball security from the QB position, which led to the eventual John Beck experiment. Kyle should be able to have similar production to Rex while we develop our assumed future star, without the turnover issues.

The main reason I am at peace over the potential of Orton in D.C is this. I believe 100% signing a veteran like Orton means the Redskins are serious about bringing in Robert Griffin III. If Griffin is 75% as exciting as he was at Baylor, we could have one explosive offense in the near future. As much as I try to convince myself that signing Peyton would not prohibit getting Griffin, the reality is, the likely hood of bringing him (Griffin) to D.C goes way up if we were to bring in a veteran QB like Orton.

Though he isn’t a perennial Pro-Bowl or former Super Bowl MVP, Kyle Orton may be the exact Free Agent QB the Redskins need.


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  1. This move makes a lot of scince to me. There aren’t a lot of quarterbacks that are ready to be starters when coming from collage going to the NFL who are ready to be starters right out of collage. Giving them a year to learn from someone who’s been through the battles while the kid learns is the way it should be done.If it turns out that whomever the Skins draft is as good as the vet, then the rookie can start and you would have a skilled back up in place. This isn’t college anymore, everyone in this NFL is good at playing this game. There are no scrubbs.

  2. To be clear I don’t want Rex bet and I do see Kyle Orton as a certain upgrade.

    But it seems counter to the Kyle’s history with Rex to jettison him for Orton; a brief stop gap/place holder QB that could hold the reigns until our QB of the future is ready.
    The ideal QB for that role is Rex.
    Signing,Orton, a QB that doesn’t know the offense and was available for a song last offseason and towards the end of the regular season seems both unlikely and counter to the intended purpose of showing a rookie QB the offense.

    The only think signing Orton would signal for me is that Kyle/Mike recognize they made a huge mistake that wasted a season when they chose to go with Rex and Beck.

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