Shanahan Leading Redskins in Right Direction

Over the last two-seasons as head coach, Mike Shanahan has been ridiculed by some fans for not turning the franchise around. Now, with current QB rumors of Peyton Manning and Kyle Orton coming to D.C, those talks have increased. Fear not Redskins fans, Mike Shanahan is leading the team in the right direction.

Lately, Mike Shanahan has been viewed as either a genius, or an idiot, thanks to rumors of Peyton Manning coming to Washington D.C. Naturally, each side have their pros and cons. If Manning is 100% healthy, you are getting a very accurate and deadly QB. If not, you’re going to get something less than a ‘bad Rex’ Grossman – but would Mike Shanahan risk his job for an unhealthy Manning? Probably not.

Mike learned his lesson after he traded for Donovan McNabb, whom he hoped could be his next John Elway, unfortunately, McNabb was the complete opposite of that. McNabb was lazy, uneager to learn and wouldn’t wear an armband, things which weren’t able to be evaluated. Thankfully, unlike the past, Shanahan made sure to get rid of him immediately, earning not only a 6th round draft pick in this years draft, but also saving $78 million-dollars.

Another major sign that Shanahan is leading the team in the direction, is this past years draft, which he acquired 12 picks total, a first since the 1985 season. Of those 12 picks, 10 started (would have been 11 if Jenkins didn’t tear his ACL) and made a significant impact on the field. Shanahan was blasted for not taking now Jacksonville quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, whom didn’t impress in the NFL as many thought.

Instead, with the 16th and 49th picks, the Redskins took Ryan Kerrigan, as well as Leonard Hankerson, Evan Royster, Dejon Gomes, Aldrick Robinson and Maurice Hurt (after multiple trades with and from the 49th pick). One pick resulting in six acquisitions – which filled multiple holes instantly. Each player started at least one game in 2011 – and should get more playing in 2012.

Remember when Shanahan received extreme amounts of displeasure from fans for cutting players who were supposed to be ‘the next best thing’ in the eyes of Redskins fans? Chris Horton? H.B. Blades? Malcolm Kelly? Devin Thomas? Robert Henson? Besides Thomas, who happens to be a bench warmer for the New York Giants, none of them are in the NFL.

He allowed Andre Carter who did everything he wanted to walk early so he could find a team, while also cutting ties with players like Carlos Rogers and Albert Haynesworth who made it clear they didn’t want to be here.

It has taken time for Shanahan to clean up the roster; possibly longer then most of us expected, but the important part is Mike Shanahan is now getting the ball rolling and it’s only downhill from here.

Whether we bring in Peyton Manning, Kyle Orton, draft Robert Griffin III or something else, remember, Mike Shanahan has a plan – and it’s working.


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