How “Super” Would Mario Be In DC

Ok, time to get off the Peyton Manning blogging funk that I (and pretty much every Redskins Blogger) have been on this week. Time for something fresh. . . something new . . . something like a WR that Peyton could be throwing to next season.

The above picture, to some, represents an iconic image of a game saving catch that propelled the Giants to their 4th Super Bowl victory. To others, such as myself, it causes heartburn for the same reasons.

For Mario Manningham it most likely means dollar signs.

After having a fantastic game during the Super Bowl, Manningham has put himself in a great position leading into free agency; especially after hiring “Super Agent” Drew Rosenhaus this past October. Is there a reason why he (Manningham) shouldn’t be having Jerry McGuire flashbacks right now?

Sunday night Mike Florio and Peter King of NBC Sports ( and respectively) alluded to the fact that the Redskins could be a player in the “Super Mario” sweepstakes.

Since Sunday I have seen quite a few people on the interwebs discussing the possibility of Super Mario in D.C.

Arguments have been made that he has more big-play potential than any WR on the Skins roster right now. This is not to say the young guys, such as our good friend Leonard Hankerson won’t have as good or better play-making ability. It’s saying that right now he would be our legitimate “threat”.

While I do not disagree with this argument . . . and I in fact agree that our WR group is definitely missing the WOW factor that makes defenses worry about actually getting beat for a big play, Manningham is not going to be worth the asking price.

Let’s not forget Manningham, who will be looking for big time star receiver money is currently the 3rd WR on his teams depth chart. He had 39 receptions for 523 yards and 4 td’s this season, with a 13.4 yards per catch average – which isn’t terrible. Just for comparison, let’s see how that stacks up versus the Redskins top two targets.

Santana Moss – Manningham had a similar season to Moss who had 46 catches for 584 yards and 4 td’s as well, but Moss had a 12.7 YPC average. On the surface Manningham looks like a better option; but Moss missing significant playing time due to injury makes this a hard comparison.

Jabar Gaffney- Gaffney was the Redskins #2 wideout for most of the season, but was “the guy” while Moss was down. At times it seemed like the Grossman to Gaffney Florida connection gave Rex a security blanket that he loved to target. Gaffney had 68 receptions for 947 yards, 5 td’s and a 13.9 YPC average.

Depending on the health of Santana Moss and going strictly by statistics, Manningham would rank 3rd on the Redskins WR depth chart as well last year.

The point is, Manningham has shown some flashes of brilliance, and lucky for him some of those flashes came on the biggest stage imaginable. But the amount of money it will take to get a guy that has never been the focal point of an offense – and to immediately throw him into the fire is risky. Risky to the point of being stupid. Not to mention it is not fair to expect him to be a superstar WR because of a few brilliant plays (like the one pictured above).

I don’t remember anyone throwing money at David Tyree after his miraculous “bubble gum” catch in 2007 – and truly Manningham should not be any different.

Some team will pay Manningham more money than he is worth; hopefully for the sake of my sanity, that someone will not have an office in Ashburn.


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  1. I don’t really want him either, but I don’t think using Moss’ injury is a valid argument considering Manningham also missed 4 games due to injury.

  2. manningham is solidly average at best – he will be out of the league in a few years, just like tyree. he was born to make that catch, which in all honesty was nothing spectacular. it was neither an easy catch nor was it a hard one — it was a catch any veteran WR should make. it was made out to more than it should be just because it was during the game winning drive in the super bowl. manningham reached the pinnacle of his career with that catch he will never do better.

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