Brace Yourselves . . .


All right people, unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days you have undoubtedly heard the rumors about Peyton Manning to the Skins.

If you haven’t heard about this lets get you up to speed.

Everyone alive believes Peyton Manning will be the Redskins QB. . . everyone caught up now? Good.

Last week I did a piece on a few reasons I believed Peyton is a bad fit. One of our readers made some REALLY good arguments as to why I am a complete idiot.

In honesty they were fair points but I still have some concerns about the move, but those points have been made so today I stand on a totally different soap box.

If you are to believe the seemingly infinite number of rumors from fans, ESPN, random twitters, and most recently today CBS sports the deal is all but done (which is just odd because the Super Bowl was played less than a week ago).

The fact of the matter is that these rumors are not going to go away until either Manning is released and signed elsewhere or the Skins flat out say its hogwash (which they won’t do because if it’s smoke its very good smoke). So let’s all just stop the complaining about whether we want him here or not OK?

I do have a few interesting points to make on the subject:

1. I have heard from a growing number of people that Peyton is in fact the leak that he personnel department was overheard speaking of. So there is that. . . mystery over.

2. Peyton Manning as a vested veteran would be eligible to sign with whoever he wants before the start of free agency assuming he is cut before the start of free agency. This is pretty much the exact same situation we saw last year with OJ Atogwe. The Rams let him go in order to not take the cap hit for the 2011 season, likewise the Colts have the sme deadline to meet in order to avoid paying Peyton what we will just call a FREAK LOAD of money this year.

3. This move would open a lot of doors in the draft and free agency. I have to believe that Peyton Manning still carries enough clout to legitimize this offense in the eyes of defenses. He is a playmaking QB who will scare defenses and just his presence on the field should loosen up the running game. Not to mention the fact that it is a lot easier to sell free agent WR’s on playing with Peyton than it is to sell them on playing with Rex. Excuse me Mr. Vincent Jackson would you rather play with Rex or Peyton. . . let’s not forget what we can do in the draft now. Trading down and acquiring more picks is always a great option for a rebuilding team. Not to mention actually being able to sign impact players at skill positions like Blackmon.

4. Sadly this does not fix our QB problem. Peyton at best is a 2-3 year fix and the 3rd year is really stretching it. IF the Peyton route is the way they go this team has to get some sort of young project QB on the roster this year to groom. I am still holding hope that Tannehill’s injury lets him fall a little bit. Signing him in the 2nd round to learn behind on of the greats sounds like a great plan to me.

5. Mike and Kyle MUST mold this offense to Peyton. This is the one I have the hardest time believing. Kyle and Mike notoriously force players to fit their system and this will not work with Peyton. Here’s to hoping that has been thought of.

As for me I’m off to get my new number 18 Redskins jersey. I told you last week. . . I’m a sucker.



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