Skins Fans Starting To Get Peyton Fever


Well it looks like Redskins Nation doesn’t exactly agree with my opinion of Peyton in DC.

As usual we are seeing the excitement of a “big time player” being added to the roster kick us into full out Peyton Watch.

Our good friend Brent Carothers over at found this gem of a photo taken apparently today… While Peyton is still under contract with the Colts.

This is up there with the Minnesota fans wearing Favre jerseys while he was still retired.

I give up HAVE FUN!

Check out Brent’s work over at you won’t be disappointed .


About Ray Smith

Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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  1. Glad to see I am not the only one! #18 in burgundy and gold, its a beautiful thing!

  2. We need a long term solution, get RP3 or Luck. No more temporary fixes.We’ll be in the same situation again in a few years with Maning

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