Update: Washington Redskins Uniform Re Design Contest

Ok Guys, we are going to take all uniform submissions that come in until midnight on Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning. After we get all the final submission entered we will have a public vote and the uniform with the most votes wins (pretty easy right?).

So keep the designs coming! So far we have about 45 entries which I have to say is incredibly impressive. Redskins Nation is one talented bunch!


Here is the link for the template on Deviant Art. Just Click Here then on the right side there is an option to download the file.

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Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about this one… Or did you not let me know because of my supreme design skills? LOL

  2. Now if we could just get the team to buy in. I love it …… it’s time to change !!!!!!!!!!

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