Super Sour Grapes

I am not even going to sugar coat this, last night was the most upset that I gave been about a Super Bowl game as I have since well 2007. No it is not because I have some wacky man crush on Tom Brady (because he has a perfect life).

I just honestly have a hard time watching rivals of the Skins win the The Super Bowl. Especially when said rival has an all world idiot like Devin Thomas on the roster.

I was sent the above image from a buddy of mine (who happens to be an Eagles fan) about an hour after the game ended last night. I have to be honest it invoked such a rage in me that I couldn’t fall asleep until about midnight.

You see this is the Devin Thomas I know. The over flamboyant young WR that was too busy modeling or shooting a music video to actually care about football, and subsequently sleeping during team meetings. Not to mention winning an EA Madden Tournament his rookie year playing as the Dallas Cowboys.

I was actually pretty excited when Vinny drafted Devin, and had hoped he would put in the work to be our next great receiver. A few years, a few teams and even fewer receptions later Devin Thomas is a Super Bowl Champion.

While this in itself was bad enough for me to take, then Dan Steinberg had to go and post this piece that sent me into the Super Rage Stratosphere.

Hey look, it’s former Redskins wide receiver Devin Thomas holding the Lombardi Trophy. He posted the picture on Twitter.

Well, good for him. And no, I don’t believe keeping Devin Thomas as a special teams gunner would have won the Redskins any additional games this season. It’s just a striking image.

Speaking of striking images, the Wall Street Journal recently posted a detailed look at Thomas’s many tattoos, and also interviewed Thomas about his body art.

That led to this passage:

The tattooing became a way to “vent,” he said, in his offseasons a few years ago. Originally drafted by the Redskins, he’s been frank about that organization’s dysfunction and joked, “Obviously, being in D.C., it was very stressful. After the season, I was ready to get to a needle.” He’s now, with this Giants team, happier than he’s ever been, he said, and so “I don’t have to express my anger so much.” The tattooing has slowed and is more subtle, but that’s not a precursor to the complete end of his inking.

Besides, he has a plan for how to commemorate a Super Bowlwin. “I can’t tell you what I’m going to do, but I have to do something,” he said. “This is a lifetime dream and I want to mark it.”I suggest a tattooed image of himself holding the Lombardi Trophy, except adding to the image a tattooed image of himself holding the Lombardi Trophy.

I know there are a lot of Skins fans wearing the “We Swept the Champs” badge of honor today but honestly I just don’t feel it. I feel angry.

Seeing Devin taking shots at the team again, this time when being interviewed about his ink is pretty sad. In fact it’s that type of creepy ex girlfriend who after three years feels it necessary to keep trashing you to all your friends sad.

In any case today is not one of my favorites so I hope that some of the leftovers from my Super Bowl feast can put me in a better mood.

I know that this post is going to come off as complete and total sour grapes and that may turn you off. For that I apologize, but they are my grapes and I will let them sour if I want.


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