RG3 Believes In Himself


RG3 Sat down with SI’s Don Banks for an interview that is definitely worth the read.

The thing that I really enjoy about Griffin is that he is absolutely confident in what he can do without turning arrogant a la Cam Newton.

Though it will probably cost a ton I really wouldn’t mind seeing RG3 in DC.

“Perception is reality, and at the beginning of the year I wasn’t on many radars,” Griffin said. “I did have a lot more ground to cover than he did. He was the de facto Heisman winner and the de facto No. 1 pick. We already took one of those from him and we plan to continue to go out there and do that. Whether it’s with the first pick in the draft, a playoff win, or who goes to the first Super Bowl.”

While its still too early to tell if RG3 in DC is going to be a reality, I have got to say I love the idea of the above picture being reality.

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