Redskins Fans Confused About Rivalries

There was once a time where Washington Redskins fans cheered for one team, the Washington Redskins and whoever was playing the Dallas Cowboys that particular week. Since then, times have changed – and not for the better (you’re going to want to click this link for ultimate facepalm).

Much like 2007, a fair amount of Redskins fans this year are rooting for their NFC East foe, New York Giants, to win the Super Bowl. Rather than cheering for the AFC Champion, New England Patriots. Why? There are multiple reasons, but most revolve around the Patriots being cheaters, the NFC East being a “powerhouse” if the Giants win or because they (Patriots) disrespected Sean Taylor by not wearing the 21 sticker the rest of the 2007 season.

Even if the Patriots are cheaters (though this isn’t 2007), why would you want another NFC East team to add another Super Bowl trophy to their case? Especially the New York Giants, who have been dominating the Redskins for years? How about Devin Thomas? The ex-Redskin who loves to call his former team the “Deadskins.” You want him to have a ring on his finger and raise the Lombardi?

Whether or not the Giants win the Super Bowl, the NFC East will still be considered a powerhouse for the simple fact that they made it that far. To wish, let alone cheer for them to win another Super Bowl is ludicrous and shameful. Mentioning the 21 sticker the Patriots wore for only one game (the league requirement) as a reason to cheer for the Giants is also flat-out embarrassing. It’s just another example of what I meant when I wrote, Redskins fans need to let Sean Taylor go.

Have Redskins fans forgotten that the New York Giants play in the NFC East? Are and for quite some time have been a huge thorn in the side for the Washington Redskins? Certainly it’s nothing close to the rivalry the Redskins hold with the Cowboys, but it’s a much greater one than what is held with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Maybe we as D.C sports fans should cheer for the Giants, Lightning, Phillies, Heat, Red Bulls and any of our other division rivals once our teams are knocked out or miss the playoffs because they’re in our division(s). Nothing like being mocked even more for not winning anything by rival fans the following year. Right?

Cheer for the Giants, after-all it is your right to cheer for whoever you want – but please don’t call yourself a Redskins fan, let alone a diehard.


About Kiel Maddox

Kiel is a native Washingtonian who currently resides in Northern Virginia. He has been blogging about the Washington Redskins since 2009 and started Arena Drive Times in October of 2012. Kiel creates informative and unique articles about the football team, as well as shoots photography for the website.

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