Redskins Biggest Need in 2012 Draft


There’s no denying the main concern heading into the 2012 NFL Draft and season for the Washington Redskins, is the quarterback position. Since Mark Rypien, the Redskins have had no real face at QB.

This season, the Redskins have no choice, but to draft a quarterback – and all fingers point to the Heisman winning quarterback, Robert Griffin III. Unless for some miracle Luck doesn’t go first to the Colts.

Besides QB, what’s the biggest need? Should the Redskins add to an offensive line that has been progressing, but still needs attention? What about that big wide receiver that the team has been missing for years? Is Leonard Hankerson their answer? Or should they add more? How about the cornerback position? DeAngelo Hall hasn’t worked out too well as the number one.

There are still a lot of needs on the entire Redskins team, except the running back system which appears to be strong with the two rookies, Roy Helu and Evan Royster. Assuming Hightower can come back from his torn ACL, the running back position should be the least of Shanahan’s worries.

In a league that is more pass-happy than it used to be, the offensive line is no longer something that is needed to worry about. Not meaning you disregard it entirely, but unlike the 80’s, when you could annihilate a quarterback and get away with it. Late hit’s today not only result in penalties, but sometimes ejections and heavy-priced fines.

Wide receivers today can be found in all rounds of the draft, as well as free-agency and the undrafted. Take New York Giant’s shining rookie wide receiver star, Victor Cruz. Cruz, who came out of Massachusetts has been nothing, but phenomenal for the New York Giants. He’s already tied the longest touchdown in NFL History, as well as a single season receiver for the Giants, with 1,536 yards.

How about Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys? Another receiver who was undrafted and has set single-game franchise records with his team, something not so easy to do with receivers who have played there, such as Michael Irvin.

Then there’s always free-agency which the Redskins have been known for always taking a splash in. Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints becomes a free-agent this year, and so far it appears he may not be returning. Should the Redskins look at him? Should they pick up rival Eagle’s receiver DeSean Jackson? How about Vincent Jackson whom Shanahan appeared to be interested in 2010?

Should the Redskins be looking at a replacement for aging linebacker London Fletcher, who so far doesn’t appear to be finished with football anytime soon, but obviously the thought has to be in his head considering he’s going on 37 this year? Or are the Redskins fine with third-year pro Perry Riley taking over for him, whenever that day may come? Riley has proven to be quick, hard-hitting and a great tackler.

Of course there’s the secondary. Do the Redskins need to look for a new safety with LaRon Landry possibly heading out of D.C due to his ignorance of not getting surgery? Certainly the Redskins cannot afford to depend on Reed Doughty’s mediocre at best coverage anymore. Rookie DeJon Gomes shined throughout most of the season as he backed up both Doughty and Atogwe, should he get the start at strong safety this season?

Perhaps the Redskins need another true cover-corner. After letting Carlos Rogers go, the team found out what DeAngelo Hall was good for – and that wasn’t much. He might be able to cover the #2 and #3 wide-receivers on a team, but the #1’s roasted him all season. Perhaps he fed off of Carlos’ coverage? If the Redskins could bring in another cover corner, then maybe he and Wilson could both benefit off of them?

Truth is, the Redskins could use anybody right now, no matter where you look. They could use a kicker, another tight-end, assuming Cooley or Fred Davis (who is a FA this year) doesn’t come back to the team – and then of course there’s always depth.

The Redskins would more than likely benefit the most from adding a corner, for the simple fact that it would move DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson back a spot, making their jobs easier – which should result in more turnovers and easier coverage.


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  1. Washginton Redskins could get Matt Flynn move up and get Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State then draft Casey Hayward from Vanderbilt and finally could trade there two 4th round picks to move up and try to get Coby Fleener in the second round. That would cover alot of bases 1QB in FA, playmaking WR in the draft, another cornerback to help the seondary, and finally a TE to take over for Cooley.

  2. I think that considering the QB that the Skins were rumored to really want is still at USC and assuming its going to cost a TON to trade up for RG3/Luck this could make sense.

  3. Larry Fox, One cannot get a second rounder for two number 4s! Do a tad more research on Matt Flynn and you’ll discover his background doesn’t make him look like the answer.

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