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Ryan Tannehill is seen as the dynamic wildcard of the QB class in 2012. With the prototypical size speed and athleticism needed at QB, Tannehill possesses everything scouts look for in a QB. After moving from QB in High School to WR to back to QB, there are certain concerns about how far along Tannehill is as a QB. What you have to look at with him is just at where he can be in 1-3 years as he continues his development into being a franchise type QB. This truly is the guy who could be the second best fit at QB for the Redskins outside of Robert Griffin III (Not including Andrew Luck)
Lets get to the positives of Tannehill and what he possesses better than most QB’s in this class. He has very good arm strength and is able to make all of the throws that are asked of by NFL teams. One of his best assets he has at Texas A&M is Head Coach Mike Sherman who runs a pro style offense and that has had a profound impact on Tannehill in his development just through the 15+ starts he has had. Another thing that really is impressive to watch is his mobility. While he isn’t a track athlete like Griffin is, he is very mobile and runs the bootleg and stretch play action with the best of the college QB’s. In the video below by JMPasq on Youtube (great job as always man!) It shows the great mobility Tannehill has.

After watching that video you can tell he’s also got a little gunslinger mentality in him, while it usually is a good thing to see in QB’s, it also can be something that is troublesome in terms of how he operates on offense. Now with the Redskins offense they have no problem with gunslingers, if they properly run the offense and make the important throws to keep the offense ahead of schedule. Mike Shanahan had that in Denver with Cutler and to an extent Kyle had the same with Matt Schaub in Houston. Overall though Ryan Tannehill has every tool you want in a QB but there are some negatives that give scouts pause when beginning to rank him and think of what he’ll be in the NFL.

While there are tons of positives with Ryan, he also has his downfalls. The biggest one that I have noticed in my games that I’ve scouted and watched of him is how he isn’t always the best at making the bucket throws. When he gets into the bootleg throws and is outside of the pocket, then he’s pretty much unstoppable because of his ability to tuck and run. When he’s forced to stay in the pocket and have to read the defense, he tends to miss on easy passes that QB’s have to make. The crossing patterns, corner routes even slant routes. That’s not to say he can’t improve on it as a QB, but its something that isn’t perfect right now and will need coaching in the NFL. The other thing I’ve noticed with Tannehill is his tendency to have passes batted down at the line of scrimmage by Defensive Linemen. While most of the time I tend to agree that it could be from extending plays, but also I’ve seen batted passes from him standing in the pocket. At 6’4 there shouldn’t be passes being batted down with how he’s able to see over the whole line of scrimmage. While it isn’t a huge concern with me, it is something to keep tabs on with him. I think some of it has to do with how he throws the football at times, but nonetheless it is something that scouts will take notice of and could even put as a minus when they do formal evaluations of him.

Now the question comes where does Tannehill fit for Washington? Its pretty simple, Tannehill is one of the best fits available for Washington in terms of pure scheme fit. He will need work moving forward, but also at the same time what he could be when he is fully matured and ready at QB is scary to imagine. Right now scouts have him anywhere from the 1st round to mid 2nd but I have him as the #4 QB and a late 1st round type who could slip to the 2nd if the late teams don’t take him to develop behind their franchise QB’s or a team in the early 2nd doesn’t trade back into the 1st for him.

Draft profile by Justin Partlow


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  1. Maybe its just an indicator of the college game but every single throw on that tape he locked onto a receiver, stared him down and made the throw. Did not see one indication that he read through a progression.

    Skins need the right QB – not just a QB. There will only be one or two QBs in any draft that will become an appreciably better QB than Rex. That is the brutal truth.

    The rookie pay scale has ratcheted down somewhat the downside to picking a dud QB prospect high – but it still more likely than not commits your franchise to 2 seasons minimum with that QB trying to develop.

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