Beck To The Future Toon

Let’s be honest, week two of the Beck To The Future expirement was not exactly a fun one.

People are freaking out a little and I for one, think it is a good time to remember the point of all of this.

Football is a game, a form of entertainment. It is something to be enjoyed, to laugh at, and to cheer for.

When I think of quality Redskins entertainment that gets a laugh out of me no matter how crappy the situation is (and it HAS been crappy), I think of the amazing cartoons drawn by Ben Ceccarelli at Piketoon.

Some of you guys may remember Ben’s work over at The Redskins Blog while Matt Terl was there (and from time to time since he left).

We are very excited to announce that you will be seeing some of Ben’s work here on SOW from time to time. This awesome Beck To The Future toon is the first entry to what we hope you guys will see from time to time.

We are also excited to announce the Piketoon Washington Redskins line of Tees in the SOW store. Starting today you can get AWESOME Tees featuring Piketoon designs (just like this one), in the SOW Store.

If you don’t already follow Ben on Twitter, you really should (@Piketoon).

PLEASE Show Ben some love in the Comments Section letting him know what you think of this awesome new toon!


About Ray Smith

Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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  1. I love Shanny’s overbite lol. Great pic!

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