Time For Beckmania?

The last three games have been a Titanic collapse for Rex Grossman. A pick and a fumble in Dallas, two more picks in St. Louis(that nearly cost the Redskins the game), add on Sundays 4 interception performance and that’s a grand total of eight, count them EIGHT turnovers in three games.

Rex’s performance has lead to the now annual, always welcome Redskins QB controversy. Beckmania is sweeping the nation (‘s Capitol). Everywhere you turn fans, media, blogger’s, everyone…we love some Beckgruber.

When it comes to the Rex vs. Beck, I have honestly tried to stay out of it. For the first time since I was 6 years old I actually trust the judgment of the Head Coach in DC.

True, Shanahan has struggled to establish a true franchise guy since Elway retired inDenver, but he has definitely been able to make the most out of what he has (see Jake Plummer). Not to mention he definitely drafted and was grooming a solid franchise QB in Jay Cutler before he was shown the door in Denver.

But you have to believe that again Shanny is making the best of his situation. It is easy to point out that Matt Hasslebeck who was a free agent is thriving inTennesseethis season, or that Shanahan could have taken Gabbert with the tenth overall pick in the draft, but at some point we have to come to terms with the reality of the situation.

Shanahan did not inherit a talent rich team, Jim Zorn had basically destroyed any good that Gibbs 2.0 did brick by brick. It is an absolute rarity that teams in the NFL say “we understand we are rebuilding and when we lose it’s no big deal”. You have to win while rebuilding and not just “Suck4Luck”

Challenged with the taskto fix this team as a whole, not just secure a franchise QB, Shanahan had to rebuild this TEAM. Don’t get me wrong the QB is about the most important piece of the puzzle…but it does not override the entire team.

Shanahan should be praised for the fact that instead of doing what everyone expected and drafting a QB, he committed to rebuilding his debacle of a 2010 defense and building a competitive football team.

The 2011 Washington Redskins defense is good, very good in fact an to be honest they could be special. They have the ability to keep this team in every single game on the Schedule. Regardless of how putrid the offense is in the redzone, or how many times they put the defense in an impossible situation.

Don’t believe me? Let’s looks back at Sunday. Through the 1st two quarters of Sunday’s game the Eagles were driving the field and scoring in what brought back flashbacks of last years 59-28 drubbing.

It was ugly early but in the 2nd half the defense settled in and pitched a shutout. The Defense actually put the Redskins in the position to win had the offense not stalled in the red zone after the Vince Young Pick and the delay of game that pushed the team out of field goal range.

The fact that the team was even in the game at the end (and they very much were) is a testimony to Shanahan actually doing the correct thing in the off-season.

Now all we can do is patiently await Shanahan to announce if John Beck finally gets his chance. Like I said earlier have not cast my lot in the Rex vs. Beck debate this season…which honestly has not gone away even after Rex’s strong start (and only gains strength with each turnover).

Finally, I think I’m ready to take a side in this whole mess, but honestly it is not for the reason most people will think.

Rex Grossman has earned the trust of the players, no matter what you read or hear on ESPN. Santana Moss, Darrel Young and others have stood up for him stating he should not lose his job. Santana said that it should not even be a question that this team moves on with Rex, pointing out that Vick threw four picks a week ago and Tom Brady did a few weeks back, and you don’t see them being pulled.

While that is a completely valid point, the tide has turned and the reason for change in my opinion goes deeper than Rex’s propensity to turn the ball over.

When you look at what John Beck did Sunday (though he looked pretty rusty) he added a dynamic that Rex does not have. Beck possesses the monility to effectively move the pocket.

 With Kory Lichtensteigergoing down for the year and Trent Williams likely to miss a few weeks with the dreaded high ankle sprain, the Redskins need Beck’s unique skill set to allow this offense to function at all.

No, I am not saying the guy is going to be Mike Vick and rush for 100 yards a game, but he has the ability to keep plays alive and take what the field gives him instead of forcing throws into triple coverage while getting blasted.

This week is also a great week to give Beck his first start in DC. The Panthers 31st ranked rush defense should set the table for the Skins to have a good ground game even with the line in shambles. That should take some pressure off John and let him manage the game.

Honestly, I am still not convinced that Beck gets the start Sunday inCarolina. Mike Shanahan has said that Rex would be judged on wins and losses not stats so Rex at least has that to go along with the support guys like Santana. But the fact that the O- Line is on life support may just force Shanny’s hand.

So what say ye? Hit us up with your opinions in the comments section!


About Ray Smith

Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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  1. It’s MLSKINS from ES:
    You hit the nail on the head about Shanahan building the team and not just focusing on QB. It amazes me that even with the top-notch draft that he had, people still criticism him about not drafting a QB. Let’s not even mention that the 2012 QB class is leaps and bounds ahead of 2011, how about we focus on the fact that he got his man in the first round AND acquired more picks.

    Some fans of this team will complain about anything. Good article.

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