The Good, The Bad, The Cowboys


I have not been able to shake this oppressive feeling of disappointment since, oh I don’t know sometime just before midnight last night. Losing games in the final two minutes never sets well, but when it is against the Cowboys… it’s just painful.

Believe it or not there was more than just bad in last night’s gut wrenching loss the team with the star on their helmet. Don’t get me wrong there was bad and it was real, real bad. So let’s break it down with The Good, The Bad and the Cowboys.

The Good:

Ryan Kerrigan:
This kid gets better and better every week. Honestly I don’t know if we have had a better pair of pass rushers since Dexter Manley and Charles Mann were here. Kerrigan 3 games into his rookie year, is absolutely making impact plays every week.

When he was drafted, a lot was made of his “high motor”. The reason for that is it never stops at all. Allhe does is make plays. Every week he is either getting interceptions, forcing key sacks or batting away passes.

Last night when he couldn’t break free to sack Romo (because he was being held) Kerrigan made a veteran like heads up play to knock the ball from Romo’s hand.

Kerrigan is quickly becoming a favorite of SOW and most of Redskins Nation, it’s great to have home grown talent turn into a force.

Laron Landry:
He’s BAAAAAAAAACK. I mean seriously can you even deny the impact that Dirty Thirty has on the game?

Laron did not show any “ring rust” in his return last night, punching the ball out on that fumble and absolutely laying the wood all game long.

There are shades of Sean Taylor in Landry, and I understand it is completely unfair to compare him to the man he was drafted to play beside, but truly he has that type game changing ability.

Troy Palumalu better be on the look-out because if Landry can stay healthy he will become the best safety in the NFL.

The Offense…Outside of the 20’s:
I know the Redskins are struggling inside the redzone and we will get there in a few minutes, but man how great has it been since last November to watch this team consistently move the ball.

I don’t know about you but it killed me watching Jason Campbell look so lost and seeing our offense look like it had no business to be on the field. Rex Grossman (love him or hate him) is leading this offense up and down the field. You can say whatever you want about Rex in Chicago but its time for Good Rex and Bad Rex to go away. Rex is averaging nearly 300 yards in the air and two TDs per game since he became the Redskins starter. Please find me a Washington QB who has put up number like that since Brad Johsnon in 1999.

The Bad:

The Red Zone Offense:
You know it’s bad when you start with the ball on the ten yard line and only come away with three. Last week the game was closer than it should have been because of wasted Red Zone opportunities. This week it cost the Redskins the game.

The Redskins have to stop leaving points on the field, it is as simple as that. If they cannot start putting points on the board by the 7’s we are going to quickly see first place turn into last and another season lost.

The defense is good enough to keep opposing teams out of the endzone so the offense has to do their part and start putting teams away.

Special Teams:
3 games 2 blocked field goals 1 big problem. I don’t know what is going on with special teams but Danny Smith needs to get it fixed like yesterday.

That blocked FG took 3 points aeay from the Skins and lead to 3 Dallas points. For those doing the math that is 6 point score swing not good.

Losing a Game Without Giving Up a TD:
Congratulations defense you kept Dallas out of the endzone… but costly big plays like, I don’t know that 3rd and 21 lost this game.

As a team you cannot expect to win a division (pay attention Rex) without putting away teams that you keep out of the end zone. Field Goals add up and like I said earlier this team has to find away to put the nail in the coffin.

The Cowboys:
What can you say? Dallas did not look good at all. Adam Schein had a pretty impressive rant today on Sirius/XM NFL Radio calling last night the “worst football he has seen”. He was right. Dallas was horrible dumb penalties, dumb fumbles, receivers being clueless on what rout to run.

Sadly this is a game that the Redskins should have won…they had no business coming up on the losing end. But you have to give Dallas credit. They did what they had to, to win this game. You can call out Rex, you can call out Haslett, you can do whatever you need to help you sleep better at night but at the end of the day. The Cowboys beat the Redskins.


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  1. Love the blog. A disappointing loss, but I agree with you that I see more positive than negative with this team and am more excited about this season than I have been in awhile.

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