Redskins Ready To “Unleash The Beast” On MNF


I don’t know if you heard or not but apparently there is a game against a certain team who wears a blue star on their helmet. I for one am pretty excited.

Monday Night’s game versus Dallas is as big of a Skins-Cowboys game as we have seen in a long time. Yeah, it’s early in the season but the game has huge season impacting implications.

With a win Monday the Skins would move to 3-0 (hooray!!) and 2-0 in the NFC East (HOORAYER).

Dallas is banged up which on one way is unfortunate, because I hate seeing Dallas fans already talking about how if the Skins win it will be because everyone was hurt. I personally don’t care who is playing in Dallas, injuries are a part of football and dealing with them is a necessity if you want to be successful a la last years Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

Happily for Washington Monday looks like it will be the return of Laron Landry, who has been sidelined since last season with an Achilles injury.

The Lockout was not friendly to Laron, who missed out on significant time that could have been spent rehabbing at the team facility.

Unfortunately the lack of rehab lead to Landry sitting out for all of camp, missing the whole preseason as well as the first two games of the regular season.

He was pretty public in his upsetness about the setback’s taking to Twitter to vent leading up to the season opener. At one point he called out the training staff which led to a public apology.

Look guys, Laron is a passionate guy ok? I don’t really have a problem with him getting upset about not being allowed to practice or play, especially after watching guys like Clinton Portis do everything they could to get out of practice and Haynesworth laying on the field like he had just been shot. Sure he handled it poorly but can you blame the guy?

If there is one thing that we know about Laron Landry, it’s this; Laron really, and I mean REALLY loves to hit people. “It’s an attitude” Landry told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen “Tackling comes with an attitude, a passion”.

Branded as “Dirty Thirty” for the eye popping hits that he frequently unleashed during his time at LSU passion is one thing that Landry doesn’t lack. During his Rookie Season media stated to notice that Landry would take a marker and write “Suicide Mission” across his chest. “That’s how I play man” Landry Said “That’s the attitude I have in each and every games…like it’s my last.”

To say Landry is pumped up to play against Dallas this Monday is an understatement. When talking to 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen regarding his emotion leading up to his return Landry said “Don’t Calm me down. Let me go…un-tame this beast. It’s been a while.”

If there was ever a game where Redskins fans wanted to see “the beast” un-tamed it’s this week.

There is no love lost between these two teams and it looks like Monday night is not exactly going to be a hug fest. “I don’t like these guys.” Cornerback Deangelo Hall told Paulsen “That’s no secret. Going to be a lot of fights after the whistle… lot of taunting going on.”

It’s no big secret that the Redskins have been pretty terrible on national TV the last few years, but as Fred Davis said this week “this isn’t the same old Redskins”

With Dallas coming into Monday night banged up, this aggressive young team definitely smells blood in the water.

“We are going to Blitz him every play if he’s playing” Shanahan said of Dallas Quarterback Tony Romo (who is dealing with broken ribs and a collapsed lung”. Regarding Felix Jones shoulder being injured Deangelo Hall said “If I know Felix Jones’ shoulder is hurt, I won’t cut him I’ll definitely try and hit him up high.”

If I am Jerry Jones ( which I thank God every day that I am not), there is no way I send my franchise QB out against an extremely aggressive Redskins defense fresh off pounding Kevin Kolb and Eli Manning into the ground.

Adding Landry to the equation makes this game very tough for a banged up Dallas offense. IF and that’s a big if Romo plays Monday it’s not a question of if he gets hurt, it’s when…and how badly.

For Redskins fans who have had few opportunities to enjoy meaningful football It’s honestly getting pretty hard to not get excited about this game, and this team.



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  1. Great article got bro. Got me pumped.

  2. Long-time homer fan. Even got excited with The O’le Ball Coach (sp?) and even Zorn. I know, I need psychological help, lol. Always get pumped up, though especially for the Beast games. I have a real good feeling about what Shannallen has been creating – the lunch pail culture and roll players, etc – as many of our fans have recently chimed. Suddenly ,our excitement doesn’t just hinge on blind faith, but there are some tangible differences – too many to name here. How ’bout that!!!! Now let’s go kick some Dallas butt!!!!!!!!!

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