Tailgating with Pez & Huly


Tailgating, it has become as big a part of going to a football game as actually watching the game. Walk around the Parking Lots at FedEx Field on a Sunday morning and you will see some amazing sights. I can’t even begin to imagine the time, energy and money you guys put into tailgating.

It’s a culture. It’s a family. Most importantly it’s a TON of fun. It’s like a massive party with 80,000+ of your best friends and every Skins fan is invited.

There is everything from RVs rocking out with big screen TVs for Madden playing, to custom SUVs equipped with fold out hatchback kitchens. These guys take this stuff seriously. Rain or shine, win or lose, every week… It’s on.

Everyone has their own way of tailgating but at…those guys know how to party. Every home game (and even road games too) the Extremeskins guys organize a massive tailgate party that has from what I hear the best wings you will ever find period.

If you have ever been to the ES tailgate no doubt you have run in to Chris (Pez)and Christie Lopez(Huly). These guys have become legends around Redskins Nation, and Pez has even been inducted into the Superfan Hall of Fame. I mean come on, the dude has his own cartoon!

If there is anyone on this planet that knows what goes into a good tailgate its these guys. Luckily they have agreed to help out people like me who are tailgate noobs, and have no clue.

Throughout the season Pez and Huly are going to share tips, tricks, and secrets (disclaimer you’re not getting the wing recipe…. I tried) to hosting an awesome tailgate of your own.

So this week here is Huly with some tips for Sundays big game.

1. Always keep a Fire Extinguisher in your tailgate gear. We always
keep one because of the dangers of using a turkey fryer but the only
time we have had to use it was on a brand new Coleman grill. You
never know what might happen so be prepared.

2. If you need to cool off a grill or in my case a deep fryer quickly
remove charcoal or oil in a safe spot then use the left over ice water
from the cooler to cool off the grill.

3. If you are using a deep fryer or grill and it becomes dirty from
use, keep an extra trash bag to place the grill or fryer in after it
cools to keep your vehicle from getting dirty.

4. Car magnets are a great thing but you need to be careful when
using magnets. 1. Make sure they are properly secure on the vehicle
or they can fall off while driving. If one is crinkled you can place
it under the heavy flat object or try to bend it in an opposite
direction. 2. If this is your favorite magnet remove it from the
vehicle prior to going into the stadium as it might walk away. Also
during heat and summer days watch your magnets as they will melt to
your vehicle. If this happens take it to a local body shop and they
can remove it from your vehicle.

5. A white jersey is a tailgate nightmare. I swear every bit of dirt
and dust will hit the jersey. For me is was Pez’s wing sauce. If you
get a Clorox Bleach pen and carefully go around the jersey on the
dirty white areas it will remove all dirt including wing sauce. Just
remember to rinse the beach out of the selected area prior to washing
as you do not want the bleach to hit the colored numbers.

So there you have it. Great tips from the best there is. If you have any specific tailgating questions hit us up we will be happy to help, and if you want to be a part of a crazy good tailgate party hit up for info on how to get involved.


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