Monday Musings Tuesday Edition


5. This picture makes me laugh.
In the midst of all the seriousness and the black cloud that comes with cut down weekend it was good to get something to laugh at. It stinks to see good guys get cut from the team, but it’s a harsh reality of the NFL. I have to say that I am very excited about Nield making the 53, but since there are some serious thin spots along the OL I doubt the roster moves are done being made.

4. Niles Paul is fast… Really Fast
The guy just flat has wheels. This video of him catching up to Brandon Banks is pretty awesome. If we can get him to break open on a few routes this season he definitely has the ability to do damage. Watch and be impressed. After hearing over and over about how Paul has looked like the best player in our draft this year it’s been pretty confusing to not see a whole lot of him in the preseason.

3. Just want to point out that I totally called going with 7 WR’s + Banks being not considered a WR but a KR so…
Maybe it’s time to stop doubting me. In related news, this depth chart is pretty interesting. Seeing Torain being listed as the 3rd RB to rookie Roy Helu says a lot about how much faith this staff has in the injury prone Torain, and how much they like Helu.

2. Leonard Hankerson is a cool dude (even though he was wrong about the Maryland – Miami game).
If you missed our exclusive interview with HankTime85 over the weekend because you were at a theme park or a BBQ or whatever, check out what Hankerson thinks about the Skin’s O-Line, Madden 12, Sean Taylor, Redskins History and other stuff.

1. The QB Revealed
Rex should have won and it should have been during last season. So many times experience in a system is something that gets completely overlooked (unless your name is Jason Campbell and you have new coaches every year of your life…ever). People forget that we have not had a QB Start the season with consecutive years in the same system since Brad Johnson in 1999-2000. I cannot count the Zorn era too much nonsense to call that continuity, plus the whole Bingo thing. Mark Brunell in 2004-2005 would count but Patrick Ramsey started week on 2005 vs. Chicago. Ramsey came out with an injury and never got the job back. That said 2005 was the last time since 1999 that our offense looked halfway competent, so HUZZAH for being in a system for more than one year.

Todd Collins also showed in 2007 that having significant knowledge of a system can be more important than the actual talent of the QB running the system. Collins has never been considered even a good backup QB, let alone a starter. But in 2007 when Jason Campbell went down with a season ending knee injury, it was Collins who knew then offensive coordinator Al Saunders’ system well enough to actually run it correctly. Collins led the Skins on an improbable push to the playoffs and in my opinion, destroying fan faith in Jason Campbell.

This season just like 2005 we should see a heavy dose of the ground game accompanied by a QB that knows the system well enough to manage it. Mike and Kyle have made no bones about the fact that they are not looking for star power, but instead roll players. Rex could actually do very well assuming the running game is as strong as the preseason has led us to believe it will be.

The bottom line in my opinion is this; based on the talent available in the draft, free agency, and trades; Grossman is the best option period. He knows how to run this offense to its fullest potential and can run it without thinking about it.

That is what proved to be the difference between Rex and John, the experience.

That said I don’t think the QB saga is over. We have two guys that seem very capable of running this offense and that makes me feel a little better.

They say “If you have 2 QB’s you don’t have one at all”. For all of our sake, I really hope “they” are wrong.


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