Extra Roster Spot


Apparently I was wrong…

Well Bruce Allen gave us a very rare and very huge hint as to what the answer to the Brandon Banks question is.

During the 3rd quarter of the (abysmal) final preseason game, Bruce Joined Joe Theismann and Kenny Albert in the Broadcasters booth. They discussed all sorts of things like the new practice bubble (which broke ground Thursday), Poppa Johns Pizza, Tim Hightower, and roster cuts.

During the roster cuts part of the convo Joey T asked Bruce, what the extra roster spot opened by the new QB rules. This is very very intriguing… Allen said that “Across the league we believe, the extra roster spot will be used to keep a special teams type of player” Theismann immediately asked if that meant a spot for a teams only guy like Brandon Banks (who we had firmly on the bubble entering tonight’s game). Bruce declined to comment. Stating, “I already gave you Hightower”.

I like Banks as I have mentioned over and over again, and he definitely made arguments both for and against making the team Thursday Night with his, 95 yard punt return TD and his apparent fumble on the one yard line (a la DeSean Jackson).

Banks is an extremely explosive guy who has the ability to take it to the house EVERY time he touches the ball, but his lack of ability to play WR, like it or not, makes him a question mark…until now.

It is rare to get any type of info out of Shanahan and Allen, but tonight’s hint that the extra roster spot means two things.

Goodbye Kellen Clemens and welcome back Brandon Banks.

Now I just hope that Banks can stay healthy enough to make an impact this year…and that the NFL institutes the Madden Clock accelerator for the 4th preseason game from here on out.



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