Fight On!

It’s not a lot of fun watching a team you love get kicked around over and over again.  One of the hardest things for me to watch every Redskins – Ravens game is that we typically get physically dominated.

The Ravens play a very physical brand of football. They hit hard, they hit often, and they tell you about it over and over again.

Year after year the Ravens have literally bullied the Skins. Honestly it has really sucked.

Thankfully it’s getting to the point that I do not even recognize the Redskins anymore. Sure the uniforms are the same but outside of that everything is different. So far the 2011 Washington Redskins are playing an entirely different brand of football from anything that we have seen in the last 20 years.

Gone are the old superstar “faces of the franchise” like Clinton Portis, and Donovan McNabb. They have been replaced by a young core of hungry football players, that could care less if their “Pockets Straight”, or if they are in the newest TV ads getting sacked by Michael Strahan.

This team cares deeply about winning football games, and has developed a nasty streak that is one of the most refreshing things I have ever seen. We have heard about the little fights during camp, and now twice seen them scuffle with the apposing team during the preseason.

For the last ten years or so, every time the Redskins have been matched up against teams like the Colts, Steelers or Ravens you could tell they didn’t belong on the same field. They looked scared, played scared, and got pushed around.

The game consistently looked bigger than they were able to handle, and usually the Result was a bloodied beaten and embarrassed team marching toward another losing season.

As of last night, it looks like those days are ending… soon. Finally the Redskins are a franchise that seems to have a clear direction, and that direction is up.

This team finally has fight in them. They don’t care who you are, or what you have done they are going to hit you in the mouth and beg for your best shot.

It is pretty hard to call a preseason game against a team that is not even in your conference a “statement” game, but last night under the big lights the Redskins made a statement.

As usual during the pre game the Redskins were once again the brunt of ESPN’s jokes. Mike Tirico and Ron Jawarski took a few backhanded shots at the team, and let’s be honest the Redskins have earned the criticism. But as the game went on the MNF guys began to sing a different tune.

My favorite quote came from John Gruden when he said “No one has run on the Ravens for the last ten years. This Redskins team is very impressive”.

Honestly, I was a little worried going into the game, sinceBaltimorehas been one of the teams that have been bullying the Skins over the last few years. But when the game started we began to see what we have been hoping to see for decades… a well disciplined football team that is going to execute  there assignments, and take you to the brink.

Our starters do exactly what it has done againstPittsburgandIndianapolis, moving the ball very well against a stingy Ravens Defense.

Tim Hightower is continuing to shine, making it pretty easy to get over the loss of Clinton Portis. Last night he showed why he is the perfect fit for Mike Shanahan’s Zone Blocking Scheme, scoring a 38 yard TD on an absolutely beautiful cut and run.

The defense began to show why Shanahan brought in Jim Haslett to run the 3-4. Joe Flacco was under heavy pressure all night and got intimately acquainted with Brian Orakpo and rookie Ryan Kerrigan.

Sadly rookie Jarvis Jenkins, who at times has been referred to as the best player on our defense, tore his ACL early in the game, costing him his rookie season. It hurts to lose a guy like that in meaningless game but, compared to the Giants preseason injury rash, we are doing ok.

The Skins walked into Baltimore and punched a team that has been embarrassing them for years in the mouth. They executed their game plan and were not intimidated at all by a very intimidating defense. No one looked lost or confused, no one looked like the game was bigger than they were… just football.

Last night we witnessed a huge step forward in the maturation of this team. Finally while singing Hail to the Redskins we can be proud to have a team that is playing football true to there anthem.

Fight on; Fight on ‘til you have won, Sons of Washington.


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  1. I agree in a sense, but when I see these kinds of performances consistently in the regular season I’ll feel alot better about it. That being said, this is a different Redskins squad, and a very cautious excitement is building.

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