Looks like has REXUAL Healing


So NFL network and dot com has been just destroying the Shanaplan for months about our QB sitch. You can imagine the enjoyment I get from posts like this on

“Say what you want about the ninth-year pro, but there is no denying Grossman’s production since stepping into the starting lineup for the Redskins. He posted 300-plus yard games in two of his three starts a season ago and appears ready to build upon that momentum based on his performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Grossman was extremely efficient — completing 19 of 26 pass attempts for 207 yards and one touchdown — while guiding the offense with a diverse approach. He patiently worked the underneath areas of the field and avoided forcing the ball into coverage. His sharp execution and methodical approach are drastic improvements from his days with the Chicago Bears, and opening the preseason with such a strong performance suggests he has embraced his coach’s offensive philosophy. There is an underlying concern that Grossman could revert to his old ways, but his recent strong play could be the result of an ideal marriage between system and passer.”

I know it’s just the first preseason game, but for those of us that have been saying this since December quotes like this are extra rewarding.



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