ESPN Preseason Power Rankings


Well ESPN has released it’s preseason power rankings which are worth about as much as a Shane Matthews rookie card. I don’t know about you but I’m shocked the Skins aren’t number one. In any case here it is.

2011 Power Rankings: Offseason

1 (9) Packers 10-6 While other teams stockpiled free agents, the Packers stood pat. Are the defending champs still preseason favorites? (Walker)

2 (1) Patriots 14-2 Too bad “Hard Knocks” couldn’t film the daily Albert Haynesworth-Chad Ochocinco show. (Clayton)

3 (7) Eagles 10-6 Only one thing will make this season a success — winning the franchise’s first Vince Lombardi Trophy. (Fox)

4 (5) Saints 11-5 Saints will find out whether Reggie Bush was an underrated contributor after all. (Sando)

5 (3) Steelers 12-4 With off-field distractions behind them, the reigning AFC champs are focused on getting back to the Super Bowl. (Walker)

6 (2) Falcons 13-3 Adding Ray Edwards quiets draft-day criticisms about ignoring pass rush. (Sando)

7 (8) Jets 11-5 So far, they have replaced Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith with only Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason. (Clayton)

8 (10) Colts 10-6 Provided Peyton Manning is healthy, don’t write off the Colts. They have healed up and even added outsiders. (Kuharsky)

9 (4) Ravens 12-4 The Ravens can go as far as fourth-year QB Joe Flacco is willing to take them. (Walker)

10 (14) Chargers 9-7 Every year looks promising, then they wind up short of expectations. It’s time for Philip Rivers to be grouped with the elite. (Kuharsky)

11 (12) Giants 10-6 Missing the playoffs for a second consecutive year is not an option for Tom Coughlin. (Fox)

12 (13) Buccaneers 10-6 It starts with the quarterback, and Tampa Bay has a good one in Josh Freeman. (Sando)

13 (6) Bears 11-5 The loss of longtime center Olin Kreutz will hurt Chicago’s running game. (Walker)

14 (11) Chiefs 10-6 Big breakthroughs are often followed by a step back. Can the Chiefs buck that trend? (Kuharsky)

15 (17) Rams 7-9 Sam Bradford, Josh McDaniels a compelling combination for the Rams. (Sando)

16 (18) Cowboys 6-10 It will be interesting to see Rob Ryan’s effect on the Cowboys’ defense. (Fox)

17 (21) Texans 6-10 Always a darling preseason pick. Could it be the year? Sure. Could it be another failure with people getting fired? Sure. (Kuharsky)

18 (24) Lions 6-10 The Lions have “sleeper” written all over them, but only if quarterback Matthew Stafford stays healthy. (Walker)

19 (19) Seahawks 7-9 Sidney Rice, Zach Miller give Seattle needed weapons in passing game. (Sando)

20 (20) Titans 6-10 Don’t buy that they will be contenders for Andrew Luck. Mike Munchak will squeeze something out of the Titans. (Kuharsky)

21 (28) Cardinals 5-11 Kevin Kolb’s arrival restores hope at quarterback, but time will tell whether Kolb’s the answer. (Sando)

22 (16) Jaguars 8-8 Defense will be better for sure. The question is whether David Garrard can play with consistency. (Kuharsky)

23 (15) Raiders 8-8 The Raiders are on the rise if Jason Campbell can play consistently. You have to like Hue Jackson’s energy. (Kuharsky)

24 (22) Dolphins 7-9 If the Dolphins can’t get Brett Favre to challenge Chad Henne, maybe they can ask Dan Marino. (Clayton)

25 (23) Vikings 6-10 Minnesota actually got younger at quarterback by acquiring 34-year-old Donovan McNabb. (Walker)

26 (25) 49ers 6-10 Widespread changes on defense raise questions about 49ers’ short-term prospects. (Sando)

27 (29) Broncos 4-12 I fear the first year of the John Fox regime will be a long, ugly one filled with Tim Tebow-related controversy. (Kuharsky)

28 (27) Browns 5-11 If QB Colt McCoy isn’t the answer, it will be another long season in Cleveland. (Walker)

29 (26) Redskins 6-10 In a few more weeks, Mike Shanahan might wish he had kept Donovan McNabb. (Fox)

30 (32) Panthers 2-14 Carolina came out swinging in free agency, but future hinges on Cam Newton. (Sando)

31 (30) Bills 4-12 The Bills’ offensive line can’t afford an injury, but it would look better had it added Tyson Clabo. (Clayton)

32 (31) Bengals 4-12 The Bengals are moving on from the Carson Palmer-Chad Ochocinco era, but expect plenty of growing pains with young players. (Walker)
The rankings were determined by a poll of five voters on’s NFL staff: writers John Clayton (AFC East), Ashley Fox (NFC East), James Walker (AFC North, NFC North), Paul Kuharsky (AFC South, AFC West), and Mike Sando (NFC South, NFC West).


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