Hey Hey Hey… I’m hurt

“No, Seriously guys! They bought it when I said it wasn’t about the money, and I was going to be the best ever.”

Well Albert sure looks happy doesn’t he? I guess we should be all smiles knowing that our traffic light fighting, waitress assulting, $100,000,000 man is enjoying his new digs in Foxborough. It really makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I know your asking yourselves, “Really R.D.? Have you lost it?”. And you probably just swore that you will never read this blog again, but calm down I have a point.

What is that sound you hear out of Ashburn? Where are the hords of ESPN, NBC, NFL NET, and every other news outlet ever at Redskins Park? They aren’t there. They are gone because for the 1st time in Dan Snyder’s Burgundy and Gold Reign Of Terror, we have grown ups running the show, and it would seem that FINALLY. . . the circus has left town. Our guys are free to get down to business go to work and as Brian Orakpo said be the “most boringest team ever”.

I don’t know about you but I love it. This is a team who has no expectations, and is being hated on more than Lebron after The Decision, all because of our little Rex vs. Beck QB controversy (get your tshirts here). The guys are busy prepping  for year two in the Shanaplan and hopefully, we can see the Shanahan Redskins pull a Gibbs 2.0 2nd year and flip to 10-6 season following a quiet offseason(a guy can dream right?).

Sure I may be drinking the Brgundy and Gold Kool-Aid but come on guys it’s August. It’s hot, it’s quiet in Ashburn, and BOY is this Kool-Aid FANTASTIC. This is what the offseason and training camp are for. Call me a homer if you want but right now hope springs eternal.

Oh and as for Bill Bellechecks latest pet project. . . He was held out of practice again today because he is hurt. All I have to say is “Frankly Scarlet. . .” well I’ll let you finish the rest.



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Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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  1. Good point man but you know the media will frickin talk about the color of Shanny’s shoelaces if they can make it controversial.

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