Rexual Healing

Got That Feeling?

Well, it looks like the words that I thought I would never utter have been said. I could not be any happier that Rex Grossman is back with the Skins. I know, it hurts to say, and it should be illegal in most states, but I am flying high on “Rexual Healing”. I have been so absolutely sick over the first week of camp hearing stories of the legend of John Beck wearing his arm out with all those reps. Personally I say you got with the evil you know, instead of the evil you don’t know. With Rex, at least, we have a guy who knows this system inside and out(I’ts hes 3rd year in the Shanaplan). That overlooked fact is HUGE. If you don’t believe me See Todd Collins career outside of 2007.

We all know how the McNabb saga ended here in DC, but what everyone seems to forget is that when Rex took over the offense, this team started to play like, well, a team in stead of a collection of names. The offense took what can only be describes as MAJOR steps forward. Don’t get me wrong I am not crowning the guy as the next Peyton or Tom Terrific, but 7 tds – 4 ints over the last 3 games is alot better than what I expacted from the guy. If the Shanafam can work there mystical QB magic with Rex and cure his turnover bug, we could be in for a much better fall then the “experts” think.

Oh, and as far as how I feel about #12 I thinkg I have made my stance pretty clear. In Rex I trust at least for 2011.

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Ray Smith is the Head Writer and Senior Editor of as well as the Host of the SonOfWashington Podcast. Follow Ray on Twitter @SonOfWashington

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